it’s interesting to look & take a healthy examination of my life & to see what Jesus is teaching me.
sometimes, it’s faith. I can look & think, “wow, me of little faith. god please help me with my unbelief”.
sometimes, it’s diligence. I can look & think, “crap, I am so lazy. god give me a heart for your word & a yearning for your truth & to see that play out among your church”.

so, recently, it’s been contentment. it’s been satisfaction.
where is it coming from? who is it going to?

I read all through the bible of God satisfying his people with his goodness & just who he is.

not a person, amount of money or thing on this earth can satisfy me. I’m constantly searching for more. I always want the next best thing.

because of God’s goodness, the infinite, everlasting portion of it, there’s never more to find because all of it is all of it. make sense?

when I embrace the GREATNESS of the Almighty God, he doesn’t delay in revealing who
he is. his presence allows life & transformation to follow. I never have to search again. I can be done wishing. he showers me in his weight of satisfaction. I can’t deny it. I can’t avoid it. I can’t stop his love. what great news!

there are too many things on my mind other than God. I’m so imperfect. but he is so perfect & by his mercies & affections, I am able to be satisfied. to love him with my heart & not just my head.



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