sometimes, just every so often, we stumble upon a season.  a season that isn’t difficult.  a season that isn’t easy.  but a season that is just.. uncomfortable.  

this is true.  sometimes we find ourselves waiting.  but, waiting for what? is what we are waiting for and patiently enduring for worth the wait? 

they say patience is a virtue, but patience that is patient for the insufficient isn’t patience, it’s ignorance.  

so.. what sort of things do we pray and wait for? maybe a job, a new location, a new opportunity, school, finances, relationships, for distinct people to know jesus, etc.? 


sometimes we wait for the wrong things.  we spend our time and efforts on things that truly will not last.  


Isaiah 55, summed up, says: come drink from an endless fountain, all of you, without money. why do you spend your money on that which doesn’t satisfy?

this verse is key.  what do we put effort into? what do we long for? wait for? eagerly endure for? 

i’m 19 years young, but i can look back and see things that weren’t waiting for or investing in.   

so, like paul says, let’s press on toward the goal of knowing jesus.  let’s forget what lies behind and look at what lies ahead.  because what lies ahead has no comparison on what God is doing today.  God’s work gets better and better and better.  so, i think we should invest into his kingdom.  in his glory.  in knowing him and making him known.  


so when we pray for those jobs, locations, schools, relationships, etc., let’s pray that these things would be a step in the direction towards the glory of God.  



hebrews 3, phil. 3, isaiah 55


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