our weapons won’t defend us

luke 22:38, “look, Lord, here are two swords.”

i read this and immediately misunderstood and almost missed something huge.  This comment, made by Jesus’ disciples, is referring to all of the troubles that were to come to Christians all over.  Jesus, speaking figuratively, recommend the disciples to grab their money bags and grab their swords, for they would need them after His time is come.

this is what flesh does.  flesh wants the flesh. flesh sees only flesh.  flesh hopes only in flesh.  things go wrong, your car breaks down, you immediately think about your bank account, or, you are mocked for your belief in Jesus, you think about hiding, or shrinking back. it’s truly a shame to be flesh and blood sometimes.  we have hope though, because the disciples hoped in physical, temporal things to save them from the persecution to come.

swords can’t save us from the battle we fight.  neither can a degree or a job or a dollar amount.  psalm 20:7, psalm 33 and isaiah 31 all mention the same thing.  “Woe to the ones who put trust in a chariot or warhorse.” and “they do not consult the Holy One of Israel.” we don’t wrestle against flesh and blood.  fearing humans is foolish.

even in politics, (yes i’m going there), this entire gun control situation has caused people to store up on ammunition and weaponry, but they can’t be saved by these things.  a war horse is a false sense of salvation (ps. 33)

encouragement for today is to trust in jesus.  Hebrews 7:25, he lives to make intercession for us. Psalm 33 continues, the eyes of the lord are on the ones who fear him.

don’t fear any man.  Fear and love God.  He is our hope for future tribulation.  Stay on alert.

this is what the Spirit does.  spirit wants the spirit.  spirit sees only the spirit. spirit hopes only in spirit.  things go wrong, you hope in Jesus. look to jesus!


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