Now, I am sitting in my warm, cozy thinking chair–thinking. Music is gently playing in the background–sounds like Bach.

I’m slowly falling asleep, as the chamomile has done its job. I’ve begun this phenomena, this extraordinary exercise. Drawing Roses. Compasses. Arrows. Odd things. It’s left ajar a piece of my mind that hasn’t been drawn before.

That’s just a small update. But, in more important matters, I keep on hearing different news of Christian persecution in the Middle East. Church bombings, women & children being killed & tortured. What’s worse is that if the same thing happened here, many folks wouldn’t have the proof that they were a Christian. This could only exist in a society that truly treasured Christ above all– above the riches of the world. This could only exist in the Church. The Syrians get to suffer in this way.

‘If you love me, you will obey my commandments’.. The one who loves Him, naturally, by the Spirit of God, obeys– not out of reproach or reluctance, but out of good joy set before. ‘the kingdom of God is like a man buying a field. he sells all the he has & in his joy buys the field’

just some thoughts before the day is through. Hold the Syrian Christians in the heart.


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