faithful now, faithful then



I only have yet a few short days until I depart from the place I was born, to a completely new culture, new people, new ideas and new ways to embrace people.  The longest I’ve ever been apart from home was when I traveled to Paris twice over the past two years for 10 days each trip.  Two months will prove to be a great experience of independence, yet great dependance upon God for help and mercy at all turns and corners I find myself encountering. 


As the trip has become tangible and near, I have romanticized less.  As this all began, I ventured to go somewhere different, where there were no churches— or no love among a large group of people.  I loved the french language and had been studying it since early high school.  I never thought that God would actually lay a burden on my heart for the french, much less my neighbor, but as it has demonstrated itself over these years, I have no doubt.  

Last month I met my friend Wes in a local cafe.   Wes has spent a lot of time in the last 5 years in different countries making impact and sharing Jesus with people.  As he comes home every so often, he makes time to meet with different people and friends.  As we were sitting there, he looked at me with a gentle, sincere smile and asked me, “Andrew, if you didn’t go to Quebec, would you feel disobedient to God’s call on your life?” 

I had to really think about it.  and I wouldn’t.  

As I pondered, I realized that I can only truly feel disobedient for the places I’m in now.  Let me explain: Even though we are called to go, and many times to specific places and specific people, we are only disobedient through where we are today and now.  I feel disobedient not because I would choose to not go to Quebec primarily, but I feel disobedient to not be faithful here.  Where I am today.  If we are not faithful first where we are now, and then also neglect to be unfaithful to go to the remote and to the lost, we are found to be immediately sandwiched between unfaithfulness and a lackadaisy as we are unfaithful now and will be unfaithful then.  If we are not faithful where we begin, believing to become faithful provided by a new location, we are then lying to ourselves and possibly even falling to the trendiness of becoming a missionary.  Or maybe our greatest desire is not the gospel itself but the occurrence to be practice photography or become a traveler.  


This is a call for my heart to be a faithful man. 

April 6, 2014


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