quinze jours

two weeks already in Montréal.

I’ve had a beautiful time assimilating into the culture here, mostly thanks to beautiful people who brought me into their lives. When going into a new culture, a lot of faithful people have written that the practice of “Mapping” is primiarly the first thing that should occur. This is when you come to understand the city/area/village as if it had been where you were born. So the first two weeks have consisted of learning the streets, the ways people do things and why, etc. I’ve even come to find my favorite cafe with the Barista memorizing my order and name. Great beginning to friendships here.

I’m especially grateful for my church, La Chapelle. Typically, for most volunteers at churches, the arrival time is early, around 6, maybe even 7 or 8. After the service(s) is over, the volunteers go home. Which is awesome, volunteers and servants are what help a church breath. At La Chapelle, everyone is a volunteer (bénévole) and you arrive before 6 and you leave at 4. No one is necessarily paid, they just genuinely love Jesus and love people. This has been a humbling factor.


just an update. thanks for praying for La Chapelle. 


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