celebration in canada

Having a birthday in a different country is beyond strange—it’s truly a unique event. You don’t precisely know what to expect. Let’s face it, birthdays can be tough without the folks that you love surrounding you with love and affection. Sure, you have all the social media attention, and we all love that, but nothing satisfies the soul like an embrace from someone you love. But what do you do when you’re new in a town and begin longing for your friends and family back home? Do you sulk all day? Do you watch Sleepless in Seattle (I did this yesterday— great movie)? Or do you make the best of it? How do you make the best of it?

Well, I’m pleased to say that I didn’t sulk all day. I didn’t wonder what “it” would be like to be back home. I simply desired to make the best of it. Whether that meant sitting in a park alone or speaking with friends on the phone, I wanted to be completely content. I wanted the gospel of Jesus to be vibrant within my heart. When you’re alone in a foreign environment, you find yourself with scarce resources for satisfaction. You cling to whatever it is that you have. Fortunately, Jesus is the perfect fulfillment for our every need, want and future desire.

In Luke 11, Mary is sitting at the feet of Jesus, listening to his teaching while Martha is running around serving and busying herself. Obviously, Martha is at being alone, so she distracts Mary’s situation by demanding that she be helped. Jesus makes a huge statement. He tells her that she’s worried about all the wrong things. Instead of trying to do all these “things”, she should just sit at Jesus’ feet. Sitting at his feet was the better option.

The single most valuable atmosphere we can possibly find ourselves in is at the feet of Jesus. Learning, gleaning, gazing, capturing every little moment with him in our heart. We never know— we may find ourselves reflecting back to those times of great understanding and refreshment from the Lord. Our time with Jesus today has many, many implications for the rest of our lives.

Whether we are alone on our birthday, missing special people, being reminded at every corner of our mind of a meaningful moment or we are just simply sad, we fix our eyes off of ourselves and our situation, leading us to fix our eyes on Jesus, our perfect champion of righteousness and we will certainly rejoice. This moment is enough to last the rest of our lives. May it be so with you the next time you are alone.


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