move on. start over. accept who you are. enough. 

3 tools that should be used to shape who we are.  


we are righteous in jesus.  we are qualified by god.  we can be sure of eternal life.  

if our prayer lives consist of 100% apologies to god, and our small group conversations consist of sulking and pouting about recent or current sin, we are blatantly missing the point of being redeemed.  

redeem: do something that compensates for poor past performance or behavior.

we are blind, we are poor, we are wretched, we are naked. 


we are righteous, we are redeemed, we are pure, we are holy.  

because of this fact, the realization of sin should produce an overwhelming repentance, leading to great newfound freedom in christ jesus.  not endless tears and sadness that produces overwhelming disparity.  

when you sin, you have an advocate with the father that is always interceding for you.  

the result of this truth is/should be absolute and total freedom from sin.  his kindness leads to repentance.  don’t presume that the forbearance of jesus and his great mercy is a ticket, or a catalyst to keep sinning.  

also, don’t think that you shouldn’t be broken over sin, that’s a part of repentance.  

psalm 51 says that God loves a broken and contrite heart. 

all of those words can be summed up in this: go and sin no more, but if you do, jesus loves the junk out of you.  

so i say again, move on, start over, and enough.  

move on from sin, start over, and enough with the sadness.  



reference: the bible. read it



i feel like the revelation of our motives changes everything.
what i say, do, how i treat people, etc.

here lately i realize the importance of a pure heart & pure motives.

psalm 119:9,
how can i young man keep his way pure? by guarding it according to your word.

Who shall ascend the hill of the LORD? And who shall stand in his holy place?
He who has clean hands and a pure heart, who does not lift up his soul to what is false and does not swear deceitfully.
He will receive blessing from the LORD and righteousness from the God of his salvation.
Such is the generation of those who seek him, who seek the face of the God of Jacob.
psalm 24:3-6

there is great importance in having pure motives.
have you ever agreed to do something good, knowing your evil motives behind it?
i have, a lot.
whether it be for my own glory or God’s, i always find something to boast in myself about.. but what is there to boast in besides Christ?

OBVIOUSLY, there is no trick or potion to having true, pure motives. but there is a way we can ask God for purity.

so, today, examine yourself. why are you serving? why are you reading the word? why are you praying? why are you going to your church?
these are healthy questions to ask yourself. so do it.
Lord, according to your word, let us be pure. you dwell in us, you live through us, so therefore let us walk in gratification to your spirit. with that comes great privilege of a life worth honoring you. let us be pure. let us ascend your holy hill & gaze upon your beauty in your presence.


overpriced shades don’t give vision

Ray Bans.
these are super cool, trendy sunglasses that look great on my face; i want them.

here’s the most controversial statement in the United States.

materialism is vanity.

Solomon had all the riches that the world itself could offer & still labeled it as vanity & fleeting.
I think about all the things i wish i had… does it really matter?
Lets think about it like this:

If i believe God is more valuable than any $ amount, why do I want more $?

I can experience ALL the fullness of God RIGHT now! I have been blessed by every heavenly, spiritual blessing! eph 1:3

The point is folks, JESUS IS THE TREASURE! not riches!
Jesus says that we can get choked & destroyed by the deceitfulness of sin & the riches of the world! mark 4

our prayer should be: jesus please give me passions for your name, not name brands, not riches, not glory, but contentment in Christ Jesus forever!


every day, you wake up & you dress according to what persona you desire people to perceive you as.
every day, you act a certain way around different people, either to impress or to avoid.

why do we do this? why are we so caught up in who the world wants us to be?
a prayer that i have for my life would be that I would be so CAUGHT up in jesus that the way I’m perceived would go further than the way i dress.

I am so sick of the endeavor to emulate someone, or to impress a lady..etc.
frankly, it’s ridiculous & makes no sense to be someone I’m not.
how can that even be plausible?

I am Andrew Welch.
I am a son of God.

there is my identity.
most times, it’s,

I am Andrew Welch
I want to be the coolest guy you’ve ever met, even if it means acting like an idiot.

1 timothy 6 talks about be content in godliness.
if I could be CONTENT in godliness, i wouldn’t find it in people.
I’m learning. learn with me.

The Resolutions of Andrew Welch

These are the Resolutions of Andrew Welch.

1. Resolved, I will walk with integrity, as the psalmist says in 101, I will not put before my eyes anything that is worthless.
2. Resolved, I will holdfast to what is good & profitable, provided they give good Glory to God above.
3. Resolved, I will not allow myself nor my brothers when we fail to walk in purity, to neglect encouragement nor admonition.

1. Resolved, I will not stick myself in the sin of partiality. Christ himself died once for the sins of all, to save all, not few.
2. Resolved, I will guard my soul & my heart with purity & love in all my relationships with both genders.
3. Resolved, I will not allow brothers & sisters to feel hopeless, unlovable, hated.

1. Resolved, I will be a man of the Holy God.
2. Resolved, I will supplement my faith with virtue & not forget the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
3. Resolved, I will not be ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus, for it is the power of my salvation.

1. Resolved, I will sit at the feet of Christ & learn from Him, so that in his words, in his love, I may find joy & life.
2. Resolved, I will be content in the Lord Jesus at all times & find him to be all satisfying, all sufficient.
3. Resolved, I will not be anxious, for he feeds the birds of the air & counts me more important than they.

1. Resolved, I will preach the gospel & make disciples.
2. Resolved, whether worship leading, or not, I will glorify the Holy name of Jesus.
3. Resolved, I will walk with Christ my King, & tremble at his very word.

free to struggle.

lets get some things out of my head.

i’m constantly worried about everything.
worried about all the wrong things.. you know.. finances, life after college, taxes..

these things are normal, & the world tells me to strive after being successful with these things but nothing about finances, life after college, nor taxes in my context, pertains the gospel of Jesus.

if we could take our energy for being anxious about worldly things & transfer them over to be energy for the name of Christ Jesus, i feel like our restlessness would be worth it.

YES, i should think on & prepare for the future of finances, etc., but in context of Christ. I want to deal with these things with Jesus ahead of me.

It is vital for us to put our full trust in christ. I mean, he actually knows the future; i’d be foolish not to trust & follow him.

anyway, i know this is all colloquial, but this blog is more for me to get words out.. & put them out there so my children can read it one day.

bye for now


manly not masculine.

even in my natural self, I feel the need to impress others, dress a certain way or behave in a manner that conveys masculinity.

but I try to follow Christ. so what does it look like to be a man that follows Christ.

here are the threads of my mind.

what is man that he should walk confidently in his ability?
is a man defined by his physical strength or appearance?

proverbs 21:2-
every way of a man is right in his own eyes, but the lord weighs the heart.


david was chosen by his heart condition. he was in fact very small in stature.

job 32:8
but it is the spirit in man, the breath of the almighty that makes him understand.

a real man is not defined by God as strong, handsome or capable.

a real man is defined by God as the realization that he is completely incapable of doing anything apart from God.

a real man also makes the best use of his time. video games should never prioritize over sitting at the feet of Jesus. (ok, this one is extremely personal to the season I’m walking in right now)

so, men, get on your knees, tremble at his word & be reconciled to God.


good riddance.

mark 11

jesus is angered when he sees people in the temple not worshiping, but selling goods & services instead.  he views this as his father’s house being defiled by robbers.

so…… he does what the son of GOD would do and turns over tables & wouldn’t allow anyone to carry anything through the temple.

when jesus is resurrected, the veil is torn.  making the temple of God no longer a building, but literally in his people.  1 Cor. 3, 2 Cor. 5. 2 Cor 6. Rev. 21:3.

God’s presence belongs within us. When we have “robbers” in the temple, we have sin in our lives that jesus desires to overturn & exchange himself for. this is beautiful & extremely serious. GOD is extremely concerned about his holy name. ezekiel 36:16.

when we fill our lives with the world, we take Him out of it.  & he won’t have it.